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Finerfilters 1/2" UV Steriliser System 25 Watts - 23 litres per minute

Product ID: UV-SYST-FF-25W
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Using ultraviolet equipment is an efficient and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals. The ultraviolet light is able to kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms quickly and reliably that are present in water. It’s simple to operate and maximum efficiency makes the UV water steriliser equipment suitable for wide range uses; from home sterilisation to aquatic purposes.

The system is usually installed at point of entry or after storage tanks and most commonly on private water supplies, but is also suitable for use on a mains water fed domestic application, providing additional safety against e.coli, coliform bacteria and other harmful viruses and bacteria.

This system comes equipped with all parts and bulbs ready for installation. We highly recommend that a pre-sediment filter system is installed, to ensure that the water going through the UV system does not contain suspended solids and sediments, which could mean not all the micro-organisms are sterilised by the UV light. The sediment pre-filter is installed directly before this unit. Depending on the level of sediment in the water, a single, double or even triple unit may be required. A carbon block filter can also be added to remove Chlorine and other VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

This system can be installed vertically or horizontally.

The system has a handy lamp failure indicator, which is a visual (LED), so you know exactly when the UV lamp requires changing

Our UV systems are fitted with Philips branded bulbs, so quality is not compromised.

Lamp replacement is recommended every 8000 hours of operation. After 8000 hours, the lamp may still light, but the UV intensity will have diminished.

System Type: UV-25W

Pure Water Treatment: 1.36t / h 6GPM (US) / 23 litres per minute

Tap Water Treatment: 1.0t/h 4.8GPM

Lamp Rated Life: 8000hrs

UV Dosage: > 30000 uW-sec/cm

Electricity Unit: (110-130V 200-240V) - (50/60HZ) - (25W)

Shell Material: 304# stainless steel

Overall Dimension: Φ64*520mm

In/Outlet Size: 1/2''

Max Operating Pressure: 8kg


LED Indicator to show when the lamp needs changing

More Information
Product Name Finerfilters 1/2" UV Steriliser System 25 Watts - 23 litres per minute
Model Number 1/2-UV-FILTER-25WATT
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 2.500000
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