3M AP2 Water Filter Head 1/4" Push Fit Connections

Product ID: GEN-3M-AP2HEAD
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Compatible with:

3M AP2-C401-G
3M AP2-C401-SG
3M AP2-C405-G
3M AP2-C405-SG
Finerfilters FC02

3M AP3 Water Filter Head 1/4" Pushfit Connections

The 3M AP3 filter head features 1/4" push fit connections and an auto shut-off mechanism. When you remove the filter to replace it, the shut off which is built into the head will automatically switch off the water supply, meaning easy and dry filter changes.

This head can be used in an under sink drinking water kit, vending machine or any other application where a smaller filter could be situated. The filters that can be used with this filter are usually high specification, meaning you get a lot of filtration for a little bit of space the unit takes up.

This filter head is extremely easy to install. Simply situate the head where you would like it to be positioned and screw the head to the surface. The 1/4" push fit fittings allows quick and hassle free installation.

More Information
Product Name 3M AP2 Water Filter Head 1/4" Push Fit Connections
Brand/Manufacturer 3M
Model Number 3M-AP2-HEAD-1/4
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 0.130000
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