5 Stage EcoSoft Deluxe Domestic Reverse Osmosis Purification System

5 Stage EcoSoft Deluxe Domestic Reverse Osmosis Purification System

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EcoSoft 5 Stage Deluxe Domestic Reverse Osmosis Purification System

Osmosis is a natural process that occurs in every living organism.  Domestic reverse osmosis systems harness the efficiency and natural ingenuity of reverse osmosis technology.

The EcoSoft filters contain a Filmtec membrane produced by Dow Water and Process Solutions.  Over 200,000,000 Litres of water is purified by Filmtec membranes throughout the world in just one day.

Three EcoSoft pre-filters remove a range of noxious impurities from water supplied to the RO membrane.  This helps to protect the membrane and ensure a long life of your personal drinking water source.

Enjoy immediate availability of crystal pure water with straightforward installation and minimum maintenance.

Stage 1 - 5 micron Sediment Filter;

Stage 2 - Granular Activated Carbon;

Stage 3 - 1 micron Sediment Filter;

Stage 4 - 50 gpd Filmtec RO Membrane;

Stage 5 - Coconut Shell Carbon Filter.

Tank Capacity: 12L (3.2Gal)


  • Filtration module
  • Plastic storage tank (general vol. 12 L, effective vol. up to 7 L)
  • Chrome ball valve faucet ‘Droplet’ for purified water
  • Included feed water adaptor with feed valve for connection with water mains
  • Ball valve faucet of storage tank
  • Set of colour tubes (4 pc.) for convenient filter installation
  • Drain saddle clip for connection of the filter to sewers
  • Set of replacement pre-filters (1st, 2nd, 3rd stages)
  • EcoSoft membrane 50 GPD (190 L per day)
  • Drinking water tap
  • Service wrenches for replacement of filters and the membrane
  • Instruction manual

Product Detail


EcoSoft 5 Stage Deluxe Domestic Reverse Osmosis Purification System

Technical Specifications

Inlet pressure for filter without pump, atm                           3-6

Inlet pressure for filter with pump, atm                                 2-4.5

Pressure in storage tank, atm                                                0.4-0.6

Filter weight (basic configuration), kg                                    7

Temperature of environment limit, °C                                    +5 - +40

Water supply of external connection, inches                        thread ½

Dimensions of filter, HxWxD (basic configuration), mm    420x410x150

Dimensions of tank, HxWxD, mm                                          350x260x260

Typical rejection rates of common drinking water contaminants *

Contaminant                                      Rejection Range*

Sodium                                                 87-93%

Calcium                                                80-97%

Magnesium                                          80-98%

Iron                                                         90-98%

Cadmium                                              96-98%

Lead                                                       96-98%

Nitrate                                                    83-92%

Organic Halides                                   83-92%

Trihalomethanes                                 65-99%

Chlorine                                                 13-91%

Total dissolved solids                         95-99%

*Range of percentages of each contaminant removed.

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