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FL 0835 Resin Vessel with 25 Litre Capacity

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8" x 35" Resin Vessel with 25 litre capacity

Resin vessels are typically used for the deionisation and purification of water.

This resin vessel has a capacity of 25 litres and used in conjunction with various medias can produce top quality water which is suitable for any pure water application.
These include; pole-fed window cleaning, aquatics, fish keeping, drinking water, car valeting, gardening, hydroponics, deionisation, phosphate, nitrate and iron removal.

Deionisation is a resin based water filtration process of removing all dissolved solids from the water. DI resins attract non-water cations and anions and replace them with water ions, leaving a purer water form. When deionisation is used with filtration methods such as reverse osmosis - it leaves a pure water with a perfect Total Dissolved Solids reading of 0.

PLEASE NOTE: The vessel has a 2 1/2" threaded cap with 3/4" male threaded outlet ports built-in as standard.
We offer adapters to 1/4", 3/8" and Hozelock type connections.
Please view the ‘you may also like’ section to view our selection of fittings.

Included = 08" x 35" Resin Vessel, 3/4" Riser Pipe, 3/4" Bottom Basket, 3/4" Straight Distributor Head.

  • External D = 208
  • A = 902±2
  • B = 220

8" x 35" Resin Vessel with 25 Litre capacity

  • Composite pressure vessels PE liner reinforced with fiberglass & epoxy resin.
  • Reinforced tank with seamless liner.
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced threaded inlet.
  • Suitable for industrial & potable water treatment systems.
  • NSF Approved (for US) TUV Approved (Europe).
  • Blue in colour.

Technical Specifications

Top Connection Thread
8NPSM = 2 1/2"

Max Working Pressure
150 psi / 10 BAR

Max Operating Temperature

Burst Pressure

Test Cycles

More Information
Product Name FL 8" x 35" Resin Vessel with 25 Litre Capacity
Brand/Manufacturer FilterLogic
Model Number FL-0835-RESIN-VESSEL-25L
Connection Type 3/4" Female Ports
Min. Working Temp. 0.6°C / 33°F
Max. Working Temp. 38°C / 100.4°F
Max. Working Pressure 8.3 Bar / 120 Psi / 830 Kpa
Avg. Flow Rate 0.078m³/h = 1.3L p/m = 0.3 US gal p/m
Weight (kg) 4.285000
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