Flush Valve Assembly with Flow Restrictor for Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Flush Valve Assembly for Reverse Osmosis Systems

This is an attachment that can be added onto the waste/drain line of a Reverse Osmosis System (Aquarium or Domestic) which allows water to bypass the flow restrictor. This then allows the build-up of pressure within the membrane housing to be released, subsequently allowing water to run across the surface of the membrane to flush it.

This attachment is handy for customers who may have a compact reverse osmosis system which doesn't come with a flush valve as standard.

Variation listing allows you to choose the correct sized flow restrictor required for your system.

IMPORTANT: You must ensure the Flow Restrictor is also suitable for your membranes' rated capacity. This will help to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency. The number on the flow restrictor indicates the flow rate, in milliliters per minute and should match your reverse osmosis membranes' production rate.

In order to pick the correct flow restrictor suited for your membrane capacity please consult the list below.

The following table gives a guideline for selecting an inline flow restrictor for your RO membrane.
300cc ml/min. - use with 50 - 75 GPD membranes.
450cc ml/min. - use with 75 GPD membranes.
500cc ml/min. - use with 75 - 100 GPD membranes.
600cc ml/min. - use with 100 - 150 GPD membranes.
800cc ml/min. - use with 150 - 200 GPD membranes.
1000cc ml/min. - use with 200+ GPD membranes.

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Product Name Flush Valve Assembly for Reverse Osmosis System with Flow Restrictor
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