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50 GPD 4 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis Unit with DI Chamber for Tropical/Marine/Discus

Easy To Install And Use

Installed this in my shed to connect to garden hose. Only needed one additional adapter but had one lying around. Unit works well. Flow output is low, but as expected and I don’t need much for my reef tank. Instructions could be clearer, but was still quite easy to install. Great product.

50 GPD Aquarium 3 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis Unit for Tropical Fish, Marine & Discus by Finerfilters

First RO Unit

This is my first RO unit and I was completely new to making RO water, I wanted something small and simple to operate when needed, just weekly for my aquariums. It's just what I needed. Firstly, it's simple to set up, in my case temporarily connected, as needed, to the washing machine outlet (but it also comes with accessories to plumb it permanently to your mains) It filters the water really well, and produces around 1 litre of RO water every 10 minutes at my mains pressure. Finally, I just wanted to add a comment about the excellent communication regarding any questions that i had both before and after purchase, Tracey at Customer Services was SO helpful. Thank you!

75 GPD 4 Stage Compact Reverse Osmosis Unit with DI Chamber for Tropical/Marine/Discus (75 GPD)

Really Good Product

I purchased this unit in December 2017, it is very easy to install I have mine on an outside tap with the waste plumed into the kitchen waste pipe, it is easy to disconnect which I do after making 150 litres to avoid frost damage. This unit does all it is claimed to do but so far I can only get 25 litres out in 5 hours so that equates to about 25 gals a day. My mains water is at about 8 bar. The quality of water is excellent pH about 5.3 TDs 0, I mix it with 50% tap water it gives me a pH of 6.5 and TDs of 120 which is fine for me