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The very latest on domestic water filters

  • Why You Should Have a Filtered Water Tap

    Ever wondered why your tap water sometimes tastes or smells chemically?

    Well that chemical smell is chlorine. Whilst chlorine is necessary in our water supply to disinfect the water, it can often taste or smell unpleasant. You can avoid this problem by filtering your tap water. Any carbon filter will remove around 99% of chlorine from your water, leaving you with great tasting and smelling drinking water.

    No more bottled water – save space and money!

    Having a filtered water tap is a long term and low cost investment. You can save both space and money that would have previously been taken up by purchasing and storing bottled water. Not only will it benefit you, but also the environment. The bottled water industry is deemed extremely harmful to the Earth, this is due to both the amount of oil needed during the bottling and transporting process, and the amount of un-recycled water bottles, which take hundreds of years to even start decomposing.

    Do you live in an old house or building?

    Whilst most has been replacement, some old properties still have lead piping, allowing lead to enter your water supply. To remove 98.7% of lead from your water, you can use a Doulton® under-sink filter system with an Doulton® Ultracarb Short Mount filter cartridge. If you don’t need to filter out heavy metals, the Supercarb version will do fine.

    Bye-bye Boil Water Advisory!

    Next time there’s an outbreak of cryptosporidium – a nasty parasite that can cause gastrointestinal illness, you won’t need to worry about boiling your water in order to make it drinkable. By installing 3M Drinking Water Kit – it’s tiny 0.5 Micron rating allows it to remove 99.99% of the bug!

    Interested in a filtered water tap but want some advice on which is better suited for you? Contact us! We’re more than happy to help you find the system just for you.

  • Kick Start the New Year - Drink Filtered Water to Feel Healthy on the Inside as Well as the Outside

    We all know that drinking water is essential for staying hydrated and healthy. But it can also improve your body in many other ways! Here's a few benefits:

    • Healthy scalp and speedy hair growth
    • Strong hair and nails
    • Clear bright eyes
    • Smoother skin and reduces wrinkles
    • Aids weight loss

    If you were thinking of investing more money in beauty products or perhaps something a little special for your hair, why not think again and drink filtered water instead? Just try it! This miracle liquid is not only a lifesaver, it can also add a terrific amount of value to your health and beauty routines. Okay, it may not come with a trendy brand or be promoted by movie stars, but good old H₂O is so good for your hair and skin; It’s not to be ignored.

    Skin matters

    No end of make-up can hide bad skin and this is why it is important to take care of it at all times. Drinking the daily recommended amount of filtered water can help you to do this. If your skin is well hydrated, it will repay you by looking younger and healthier. Wrinkles will also be kept at bay, it beats those ultra expensive creams any day of the week.

    Hair to be proud of

    Why not give those chemical heavy shampoos and conditioners a miss for once? Drinking 8 glasses of filtered water on a daily basis will really help your body to flush away those harmful toxins, this will in turn promote healthy and speedy hair growth. Your hair will also become stronger and shinier. So, just think all of these wonderful results and not a single bottle of expensive beauty product in sight!

    Feeling good and looking great!

    If you are trying to get fit and stay fit in order to feel better about yourself; you need to ensure that you stick to the recommended daily filtered water intake. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is also needed, but drinking this awesome natural resource will promote healthy muscle development and aid your fitness journey!

    More benefits

    To in case you need more convincing, here are a few factoids that should help make up your mind:

    • Drinking fresh filtered water on a regular basis will keep your body temperature regular, it can reduce the chances of becoming ill and help the body heal faster.
    • Asthma sufferers can find extra relief by increasing their water intake as it can reduce the histamine levels in their body.

    At Finerfilters Ltd, we have a full range of products available for all your filtration needs. Visit us at  and check out our offers. Want some advice? Contact us! We're happy to help.

  • 5 Top Tips on Surviving the Party Season with Filtered Water

    After a night of maybe too much Christmas spirit, one of the least desirable ways to wake up is hungover.  We all know a hangover causes dehydration, so we have come up with 5 top tips to get you through.KITCHENER RECRUITING POSTER

    Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach

    Eating before you start drinking (even if it's a piece of toast) helps your body absorb alcohol slower, meaning you can enjoy the night for longer!

    Drink plenty of water before you hit the office party

    Filtered is always best; not only does it remove any impurities that may be in your water but it'll be more clean, crisp and fresh!

    Choose a drink that includes water

    Switch sparkling water for tonic water to avoid added sodium which may dehydrate you further.  Want something with a twist?  Try adding coconut water to your favourite drink or cocktail for a tropical spin.

    Alternate between alcohol and water

    Drink water between your drink of choice may not make you sober up but it will certainly help lessen your hangover for the next day.  A big glass of filtered water before you go to sleep will also work wonders.

    Try a smaller glass

    Watch your units!  It's recommended that men have no more than 3-4 units a day, whilst women should consume 2-3 units.  Have a smaller glass of red wine or a single vodka and lemonade rather than a double to keep your intake as low as possible.

    We really hope you have a great time over the festive period and hope our useful tips help you this Christmas.

    Remember to drink responsibly and check out our website for our full range of water filters and systems to make sure you wake up daisy fresh the day after your office party.



  • Experience Tea & Coffee At Its Best With Filtered Water

    Does filtered water make coffee and tea better?

    The short answer is yes. But no one puts stock in the short answer.

    A great tasting cup of coffee or tea can also be a feast for the senses. But when the coffee or tea is brewed using municipal tap water, it could be contaminated with other intruding influences. The best rule of thumb is, if the water you are going to use doesn’t taste right, don’t use it. It should have no discernible taste or character, such as sharp astringent qualities. Most coffee makers nowadays come with a filter that will eliminate bacteria, organic solids, and sodium.

    Coffee chains like Starbucks use filtration systems that provide delicious water that remove chlorine and other contaminants that interfere with taste and smell. Coffee tastings usually include an event known as “cupping” where you take your cup of coffee and inhale the aromas and then sip slowly to enjoy the tastes. In order to test your water quality, why not do the same thing? Smell your water and taste it to see if you pick up on any harsh odours or flavours. This will tell you whether or not this water is good enough for your coffee. Sure, it might take a skilled barista to create beautiful, thick foam for a cappuccino but not for a brewed cup of coffee. You can easily create a coffee at home without being a barista.

    Coffee makers and kettles need to be cleaned every few months because of build up that can affect the taste of coffee. Because coffee and tea is 99% water, the water quality is critical to the taste of your brew. High-end coffee makers come with built-in filters that contain both carbon and organic compound systems that remove both taste and impurities. These systems need to be taken care of. Failing to do so can result in them failing to provide clean water for your brew. By pouring filtered water into your coffee maker or kettle, you will limit the number of times you have to deep clean them as harsh impurities will already be removed.

    Purchasing bottled water to pour into your coffee machine or kettle will become pricey and wasteful. Using filtered water from an under sink filtration system is the perfect choice as it is convenient and always there, plus no plastic waste.

    A good crafted cup of tea or coffee can elevate your mood and wake up your senses long before you take that first sip. Don’t invest in a good quality machine and expensive beans if you’re just going to use unfiltered tap water. Your machine or kettle will need to be cleaned far more often and your coffee and tea will never taste right. You will end up spending more money going to the coffee shop trying to satisfy that need for a good cup of coffee or tea. Save in the long run by investing in a good water filter.

    Whether it is for at home or in your business we here at Finerfilters Ltd have the solution for you, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team have all the experience to guide you in the right direction as to which filtration methods are best for you.

    With a full range of filters for all applications available at, we guarantee drinking coffee and tea will never be the same again!!!

  • Water Hardness

    The hardness of water depends on the amount of calcium per litre – the more it contains, the harder the water is. See the map below for hardness levels in the UK:

    Hard Water Map

    When rain falls, it doesn't contain calcium. But as it flows over the land and filters through rocks, it dissolves minerals and becomes harder.

    The amount it picks up depends upon the geology of the area, and the hardness of water varies widely throughout the country.

    The majority of water supplied in the UK is hard; it comes from underground chalk aquifers where the levels of calcium are very high, but the hardness varies from source to source.

    Hard water can lead to the formation of lime scale in water systems and household appliances, but this can be avoided by using water filters.

    How water hardness is defined:

    • Soft water contains less than 30mg of calcium per litre
    • Moderately hard water contains between 30 and 60mg
    • Hard water between 60 and 120mg
    • Very hard water contains more than 120mg of Calcium per litre

    When hard water is heated, harmless lime scale is formed.

    Regular cleaning of kettles will prevent the 'scum' floating to the surface, while keeping the temperature of the hot water systems below 60°C will reduce the formation of lime scale in boilers, on heating elements and in hot water pipes.  However the most effective way of protecting your kettle and taps is to use a water filter.

    A white film or spots on shower doors, glassware or fixtures may also indicate hardness. The film may also be left on skin and hair after bathing, resulting in dryness and the use of extra hair products and lotions. Additionally, hard water can leave mineral deposits in pipes and water using appliances. This is apparent when the flow of water is decreased or when appliances become inefficient or need multiple repairs. According to the Water Quality Association, a consumer's water heating costs could increase as a result of hard water. When hard water is heated, the minerals can precipitate and form scale. This scale build-up forms an insulating barrier between the heating element and the water to be heated.

    Hardness also has an effect on soaps and detergents. The cleaning properties of detergents and the amount of suds produced are diminished. Calcium and magnesium ions actually react with soaps and detergents to create “soap curd”, sometimes called “soap scum”. Soap curd reduces the life of clothing and makes them look grey or faded!

    At Finerfilters Ltd we have over 25 Years of experience in water filtration to help you, whether it be a simple under sink filter system to protect your kettle and taps. Whether it is for an on demand boiling water system, or even commercial coffee and vending machines, we have the answer.

    Check out our website for a full range of water filters, or contact our friendly knowledgeable sales team, who will happily give you the best advice for you needs.

  • Cooking with Cleaner Filtered Water for Better Tasting Meals

    Have you ever thought about whether cooking with filtered water makes much of a difference? Whether you are cooking, baking or even preparing a snack for your children, many people spend hour in the kitchen every day.  As you are washing your vegetables for dinner, or brewing a morning cup of coffee, the simple answer is COOKING WITH CLEANER, FRESH, FILTERED WATER DOES MAKE EVERYTHING TASTE BETTER.

    Washing Food

    Cooking with filtered water is one of a number of great benefits that you can enjoy from installing a home filter system or a speciality 3 way tap from Finerfilters.  Our premier filtration systems at affordable prices keep the water you use on a daily basis free from harmful contaminents.

    If you are washing, preparing, or cooking with unfiltered water it can affect the flavour and even texture of the food and drinks you consume.  So whether it's coffee or pasta here are some of the advantages of cooking with fresh filtered water.

    • Freshly brewed drinks such as tea or coffee will taste better and you will be able to enjoy the real flavours of your favourite brew.
    • Carefully prepared dishes and sides will look and taste more appealing.  Chlorine and minerals in tap water can affect the flavours of foods like pasta that have to be cooked in water, and in some cases can cause colour change.
    • Enjoy cleaner and fresher tasting fruits and vegetables.  Even when you are washing your fruits and vegetables, chlorinated water can seep into your food.
    • Baking is made easier and you are able to have more consistancy with filtered water.  Yeast can actually be affected by chlorine, changing the texture or flavour of your breads and pastries.
    • Many recipes in cookbooks actually call for filtered water.

    Many restaurants have switched to using filtered water for cooking the meals that you pay good money for your family to enjoy.  You should be enjoying the same luxury at home!!

    Many bacterial organisms found in tap water can be destroyed by high temperatures during the cooking process, but most foods that are cooked in water are not cooked at high enough temperatures or for long enough.  These chemicals and containments are not healthy for you or your family, so start your cooking process off with the healthy option of filtered water.

    Investing in a home filtration system is an affordable and effective solution, you will soon reap the benefits of cooking with clean, fresh, filtered water  in your own home on a daily basis and be cooking like the top chefs in no time.

    Don't settle for second best, visit our website to see our full range of Drinking Water Systems as well as a wide range of Water Filter Cartridges for all types of applications.

    Not sure what is best suited to you or your family? Our friendly sales team are on hand to offer you the best product to suit your needs

  • Back to School Hydration - How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

    Well it looks like the summer holidays are over and for our children that can only mean one thing, back to school!!!

    Whilst this may not be the best of news for some of our youngsters, parents everywhere will be smiling at the thought of their kids studying for their future.  But there is one aspect that needs serious consideration, how do we know for certain that our children are staying hydrated while out of our sight?

    Can you remember the fun and games around school dinner times? Okay the food may or may not have been to our liking, but we managed to eat well enough.  But how about taking enough fluids on board throughout the school day to keep hydrated?  Our kids are constantly in danger of dehydration because of their lower body weight compared to adults.

    Did you know that a typical child's body is made up of a staggering 60% of water?  So no wonder it is vitally important that we need to monitor our childs hydration levels around the clock.  By topping up regularly with water whilst at school, we can ensure our kids stay both healthy and alert enough to take in and process the information that is being taught in the classroom.

    The amount of fluid a child needs depends on many factors including their age, their gender, the weather and how much physical activity they do, but generally speaking they should aim to drink about 6-8 glasses of fluid per day. Younger children need relatively smaller drinks (e.g 120-150ml servings) and older children need larger drinks (e.g 250-300ml servings).

    The guide below is intended to help parents, teachers and carers choose a balance of drinks for children aged 4-13 years old.


    Water is a great choice throughout the day because it hydrates without providing extra calories or risking harm to teeth. And don't just settle for any water, the best water for our kids is filtered water taking out many of the impurities within our drinking water that may well be harmful.


    Provides water and is a useful source of nutrients, especially protein, B vitamins and calcium.  Most children should drink semi-skinned milk. Milky drinks containing added sugar such as milkshakes, hot chocolate and malted drinks should only be drunk occasionally.


    Provide water and some vitamins and minerals.  One serving of 100% fruit juice counts towards a a maximum of one portion of a childs 5-a day.  Fruit juices contain sugar an can be acidic, so to reduce the risk of harming teeth, it is better to dilute fruit juice water and to drink fruit juice at meal times. And of course diluting it with filtered water is even better still.


    Provide water and some vitamins and minerals.  One serving of smoothie can count as a maximum of two of a childs 5-a-day (if they contian 150ml of fruit juice and 80g crushed or pulped fruit).  Smoothies contain sugar and can be acidic, so to reduce the risk of harming teeth, it is better to dilute fruit juice with water and to drink fruit juice at meal times.  And of course diluting it with filtered water is even better still.


    Provide water without extra calories, but can be acidic, so so having these too often may risk harm to teeth. Also, be aware that some may contain caffeine.


    Provide water but also calories without any extra nutrients. They can also be acidic, so having these too often may risk harm to teeth. Be aware that some may contain caffeine.

    TEA AND COFFEE - JUST OCCASIONALLY (and in small amounts if caffeinated)

    Caffeine is a stimulant naturally present in coffee and in smaller amounts in tea.  Small amounts of caffeine are harmless but high intakes should be avoided especially for young children. It is best for children to drink decaffeinated tea and coffee with semi-skimmed milk and no added sugar. Filtered water is best as it not only removes impurities that may be present but also improves the taste and smell of both tea and coffee.

    For our full range of water filters for all types of applications to help you keep your children hydrated visit our website or if you need any advice please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01704 807600 or email at and a member of our sales team will be on hand to help.

  • Drinking Water Scare in Lancashire

    United Utilities has issued a warning to customers in parts of Lancashire yesterday after contaminated water was found at a treatment plant.

    United Utilities is advising customers in Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre, Chorley, Preston and South Ribble to boil their water for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth as a precaution until further notice.

    It comes after routine tests at Franklaw Water Treatment works in Preston detected traces of cryptosporidium – a microscopic parasite which can cause sickness and diarrhoea.

    A map showing the areas affected by the water contamination scare has been issued.

    Cryptosporidium Map

    Cryptosporidium causes the Diarrheal illness Cryptosporidiosis, which is typically an acute short term infection.  Water-borne cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia are very common in water supplies all over the world. These cysts are particularly worrying because:

    • They can be found in human and animal faeces, so it is very easy for them to find their way into water supplies.
    • They have a low infective dose. In other words, you do not have to ingest many cysts to become ill.
    • They can cause problems of the stomach and digestive tract, including potentially life-threatening diarrhoea.
    • They are resistant to chlorine and other chemicals, so traditional water treatment methods are not sufficient to guard against them.
    • They can survive for long periods in the environment.
    • It can become severe and non-resolving in Children and people with low immune systems.

    How do i get rid of Cryptosporidium from my water?

    The simplest and easiest way to get rid of cysts such as Cryptosporidium from your water supply is by using a water filter, in order to remove these types of contaminents the filters must use Absolute filtration of less than 1 micron (1 thousandth of a millimetre).

    Doulton or British Berkefeld water filters are the ideal solution, independent testing has shown that they remove >99.999% of Cryptosporidium and Gaurdia cysts.

    Any Doulton or British Berkefeld filterSuper Sterasyl, ATC Super Sterasyl, Supercarb, and Ultracarb have Absolute filtration ratings of less than 1 micron.

    Finerfilters Ltd have a range of Cryptosporidium Removal Under-sink drinking water sytems, which include Doulton and British Berkefeld drinking water systems ,Stainless steel gravity fed systems, and RIO 2000 whole house systems.  We also offer replacement cartridges for Cryptosporidium removal.

    Our friendly team are on hand to give you advice on Cryptosporidium removal, visit our website, call on 01704 807600 or email us at



  • Is being dehydrated really as bad for you as being drunk?

    A new study says drinking too little water is just as hazardous as alcohol

    You've heard of drunk drivers, now there's another peril on the road the dry driver!  A new study says getting behind the wheel when dehydrated makes you just as hazardous as being under the influence of alcohol.

    The research from Loughborough University showed drivers who drank 25ml (a couple of sips) of water an hour, instead of the recommended 200ml (a third of a pint), made twice the number of mistakes as those who were well-hydrated.

    When am i dehydrated?

    Mild dehydration sets in when we lose between just 1 or 2 percent of our body's normal water volume.  For an 11st man, whose body contains 42 litres of water, that's 840ml - just Four glasses.  But even at this mild point, people start to become confused.

    Even more dangerously, our ability to asses accurately how we feel starts to fade, according to research.  This can mean we lose touch with the warning signs from our body that we are beginning to get more seriously dehydrated.  Though rectified quickly after a few glasses of water, frequent mild dehydration can cause longer-term problems, such as tooth decay, as we lack sufficient water to make protective saliva.

    The study on drivers reinforces earlier research, which reported that dehydrated young men found it harder to think, remember or co-ordinate their limbs.  And a brain scan study by psychiatrists at King's College in London found 90 minutes of steady sweating can shrink the brain as much as a year of ageing.  Physical changes caused by dehydration were likened to those in Alzheimer's patients.  If left untreated, sever dehydration can cause seizures, brain damage and death.

    Perhaps most obviously, one of the first signs of dehydration is feeling thirsty.  Other common signs include headaches, lethargy and feeling light headed.  Frequency of urination is another indicator.  Healthy individuals should be able to pass water at least four times a day.  But the best way to tell is by monitoring the colour of your urine.  Pale yellow is best, whilst any darker means that the urine is more concentrated, suggesting you are not drinking enough.

    The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink enough water and what better way to do that is fresh filtered water free of impurities that are used to clean your mains fed water.

    Visit our website where we can offer any number of water filters for all types of applications, including Fridge Water Filters, Drinking Water Systems, Jug Filters, Water Boiler Filters, Coffee/Vending & Ice Filters, and Water Cooler Filters.



  • Finerfilters Ltd supporting the Tom Church Foundation

    Directors and staff members took part in a Scarisbrick charity golf day which helped raise £7000 for the Tom church Foundation.

    Tom Church

    The life of Tom Church, 20, changed forever, on January 16 2013, when the car he was driving skidded on black ice on Briars Lane in Lathom.

    The accident caused the keen cricketer to lose his left leg above the knee.

    Just 29 months later, Tom is not only playing golf and cricket again, but fundraising to help others like him get back into the sports they love.

    The third annual Tom Church Foundation Charity Golf Day at Hurlston Hall took place on June 5.

    This year’s event saw the largest turn-out yet, with 15 four ball teams, and the trophy was won by Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club Green Keepers.

    Tom's dad, Andrew, said: "The highlight of the event was to see Tom playing in the tournament and giving many of his opponents a good thrashing!

    "It has turned into quite a competition, showcasing the talents of committed green keepers and many other supporters from across the area.

    Tom Church 2

    "A massive thank you to all who sponsored, donated such fantastic auction prizes and took part on the day, and thanks to everybody who took part."

    The event was sponsored by a host of local businesses such as RBS Maghull and Finerfilters Ltd.

    Tom Church 3

    Formby Golf Club, Hesketh Golf Club, Hurlston Hall and Manchester Golf Club each donated Four Ball events to the charity auction.

    For more information, or to make a donation, go to

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