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5 Top Tips on Surviving the Party Season with Filtered Water

After a night of maybe too much Christmas spirit, one of the least desirable ways to wake up is hungover.  We all know a hangover causes dehydration, so we have come up with 5 top tips to get you through.KITCHENER RECRUITING POSTER

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach

Eating before you start drinking (even if it's a piece of toast) helps your body absorb alcohol slower, meaning you can enjoy the night for longer!

Drink plenty of water before you hit the office party

Filtered is always best; not only does it remove any impurities that may be in your water but it'll be more clean, crisp and fresh!

Choose a drink that includes water

Switch sparkling water for tonic water to avoid added sodium which may dehydrate you further.  Want something with a twist?  Try adding coconut water to your favourite drink or cocktail for a tropical spin.

Alternate between alcohol and water

Drink water between your drink of choice may not make you sober up but it will certainly help lessen your hangover for the next day.  A big glass of filtered water before you go to sleep will also work wonders.

Try a smaller glass

Watch your units!  It's recommended that men have no more than 3-4 units a day, whilst women should consume 2-3 units.  Have a smaller glass of red wine or a single vodka and lemonade rather than a double to keep your intake as low as possible.

We really hope you have a great time over the festive period and hope our useful tips help you this Christmas.

Remember to drink responsibly and check out our website for our full range of water filters and systems to make sure you wake up daisy fresh the day after your office party.