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Cooking with Cleaner Filtered Water for Better Tasting Meals

Have you ever thought about whether cooking with filtered water makes much of a difference? Whether you are cooking, baking or even preparing a snack for your children, many people spend hour in the kitchen every day.  As you are washing your vegetables for dinner, or brewing a morning cup of coffee, the simple answer is COOKING WITH CLEANER, FRESH, FILTERED WATER DOES MAKE EVERYTHING TASTE BETTER.

Washing Food

Cooking with filtered water is one of a number of great benefits that you can enjoy from installing a home filter system or a speciality 3 way tap from Finerfilters.  Our premier filtration systems at affordable prices keep the water you use on a daily basis free from harmful contaminents.

If you are washing, preparing, or cooking with unfiltered water it can affect the flavour and even texture of the food and drinks you consume.  So whether it's coffee or pasta here are some of the advantages of cooking with fresh filtered water.

  • Freshly brewed drinks such as tea or coffee will taste better and you will be able to enjoy the real flavours of your favourite brew.
  • Carefully prepared dishes and sides will look and taste more appealing.  Chlorine and minerals in tap water can affect the flavours of foods like pasta that have to be cooked in water, and in some cases can cause colour change.
  • Enjoy cleaner and fresher tasting fruits and vegetables.  Even when you are washing your fruits and vegetables, chlorinated water can seep into your food.
  • Baking is made easier and you are able to have more consistancy with filtered water.  Yeast can actually be affected by chlorine, changing the texture or flavour of your breads and pastries.
  • Many recipes in cookbooks actually call for filtered water.

Many restaurants have switched to using filtered water for cooking the meals that you pay good money for your family to enjoy.  You should be enjoying the same luxury at home!!

Many bacterial organisms found in tap water can be destroyed by high temperatures during the cooking process, but most foods that are cooked in water are not cooked at high enough temperatures or for long enough.  These chemicals and containments are not healthy for you or your family, so start your cooking process off with the healthy option of filtered water.

Investing in a home filtration system is an affordable and effective solution, you will soon reap the benefits of cooking with clean, fresh, filtered water  in your own home on a daily basis and be cooking like the top chefs in no time.

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