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Experience Tea & Coffee At Its Best With Filtered Water

Does filtered water make coffee and tea better?

The short answer is yes. But no one puts stock in the short answer.

A great tasting cup of coffee or tea can also be a feast for the senses. But when the coffee or tea is brewed using municipal tap water, it could be contaminated with other intruding influences. The best rule of thumb is, if the water you are going to use doesn’t taste right, don’t use it. It should have no discernible taste or character, such as sharp astringent qualities. Most coffee makers nowadays come with a filter that will eliminate bacteria, organic solids, and sodium.

Coffee chains like Starbucks use filtration systems that provide delicious water that remove chlorine and other contaminants that interfere with taste and smell. Coffee tastings usually include an event known as “cupping” where you take your cup of coffee and inhale the aromas and then sip slowly to enjoy the tastes. In order to test your water quality, why not do the same thing? Smell your water and taste it to see if you pick up on any harsh odours or flavours. This will tell you whether or not this water is good enough for your coffee. Sure, it might take a skilled barista to create beautiful, thick foam for a cappuccino but not for a brewed cup of coffee. You can easily create a coffee at home without being a barista.

Coffee makers and kettles need to be cleaned every few months because of build up that can affect the taste of coffee. Because coffee and tea is 99% water, the water quality is critical to the taste of your brew. High-end coffee makers come with built-in filters that contain both carbon and organic compound systems that remove both taste and impurities. These systems need to be taken care of. Failing to do so can result in them failing to provide clean water for your brew. By pouring filtered water into your coffee maker or kettle, you will limit the number of times you have to deep clean them as harsh impurities will already be removed.

Purchasing bottled water to pour into your coffee machine or kettle will become pricey and wasteful. Using filtered water from an under sink filtration system is the perfect choice as it is convenient and always there, plus no plastic waste.

A good crafted cup of tea or coffee can elevate your mood and wake up your senses long before you take that first sip. Don’t invest in a good quality machine and expensive beans if you’re just going to use unfiltered tap water. Your machine or kettle will need to be cleaned far more often and your coffee and tea will never taste right. You will end up spending more money going to the coffee shop trying to satisfy that need for a good cup of coffee or tea. Save in the long run by investing in a good water filter.

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