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Why you should stop buying bottled water

There are many different brands of bottled water readily available on Supermarket shelves with a wide range of prices.

The cheapest available is usually the Supermarkets own brand product, going up to your high end brands often seen being consumed by celebrities in magazines.

The average cost of a litre of bottled water is around 40 pence and it is recommended that the average UK Man should drink 2 litres per day.

Based on the average cost of bottled water the expenditure works out at a staggering £292 per year and often quite a lot higher dependent on the brand you drink!

Compare this to having your own on demand fresh filtered water with a cost from as low as 1 pence per litre.  The savings are astronomical with our very own Finerfilters Under-sink Drinking Water System.

We have a whole range of under-sink kits to suit all needs, which filter out the impurities in your tap water and when fitted give you readily available fresh clear water to hand whenever you feel like it without the arduous trip to the Supermarket.

Not only is drinking filtered water beneficial for your health and well being, some research suggests a negative impact on the environment.

It is estimated that over 13 billion plastic bottles are sold in the UK every year of which only 3 billion are recycled.  162 grams of oil and seven litres of water are required to manufacture a single 1 litre volume disposable PET bottle and this amounts to the release of 100 g of Carbon Dioxide ( C02 ) a major greenhouse gas ( GHG ).

Some research has claimed that drinking "a bottle" has the same impact on the environment as driving "a car" One kilometre.

So it's clear to see why drinking your very own filtered water will give you huge savings, be more beneficial for your health and also help the environment.  Why waste any more time check out our range of Drinking Water Systems or if your are unsure what is best for you give us a call and our friendly knowledgeable staff will guide you through the options and help you find the best solution.