British Berkefeld SS2 Ultra Fluoride Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System ¦ Complete System with 2 x Water Filters

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British Berkefeld Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter
With 'Ultra Fluoride' Ceramic Water Filter Candles

The Doulton British Berkefeld SS Gravity Water Filter System is purposely designed for situations in which a safe and reliable source of drinkable water is not available.

This makes the SS Gravity Water Filter System ideal for outdoor travelers, hikers, expeditions, missionaries and so on.

Due to their effectiveness at eliminating waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid, they are also being specified for field operations by many of the worlds major aid and emergency relief organizations as well as the US Military.

The Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter System is made from high quality surgical grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. It is lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

The system comes complete and ready to use, including 2 x Doulton® Ultra Fluoride 7 inch filtration elements (self-sterilizing ceramic candle elements) and a tap.

  • British Berkefeld stainless steel gravity water filter ideal for camping, emergency situations, rented properties and everyday use.

  • For use on municipal or natural water supplies.

  • Saves you money on expensive bottled water.

  • Up to 8.5 litres of reliable drinking water on tap wherever you are.

  • Filters out: Pathogenic Bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E-coli, etc.) Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other parasites.
    Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Heavy Metals (with higher specification for lead), Fluoride, and all types of particle contamination down to 0.5 micron (nominal) and 0.9 micron (absolute).
    (When fitted with Doulton Ultra Fluoride candles).

  • Portable, lightweight, high capacity filter. Easy to use. Simple to maintain.

  • Pour untreated water in the top. Get filtered water from the tap. No power supply required.

The SS is supplied with 2 x Ultra Fluoride candles which are 7 inches long with a long mount and a wing nut. For ease of transport, the upper chamber fits into the lower chamber to save space.
The capacity of the lower chamber is approx. 8.5 litres.

Ceramic filter candles can be cleaned to extend life.

British Berkefeld Stainless Steel SS2 Gravity Filter System
Complete With 2 x 7" Ultra Fluoride (Heavy Metal and Fluoride Reduction) Water Filters

The Doulton SS2 model holds 2.25 gallons of filtered water. When assembled it stands 19" tall and is 8.5" in diameter. The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 13" in height. This system can hold up to 4 ceramic filters.

The Doulton SS is easy to use. The water you would like to filter is poured in the top chamber where the ceramic filters are installed. Gravity pushes the water through the filters and clean water is stored in the bottom chamber.

Doulton Ceramic Filters have been manufactured in England since 1827. The outer ceramic Sterasyl shell is made of diatomaceous earth with silver incorporated into the ceramic structure to prevent bacterial grow through and makes the filter self-sterilizing. Underneath the ceramic shell is granular activated carbon to reduce chlorine, organics, VOC's, and remove foul tastes and odors. Ceramic filters can be cleaned when the flow rate starts to slow down by using a scotch brite pad or brush under running water.

Stainless Steel Gravity Filter dimensions:

Height - Assembled: 490 mm (excluding knob)

Diameter: 260 mm (excluding vino tap)

Doulton 7" Ultra Fluoride Ceramic Filter Performance

Filtration Rating
Absolute: 0.9 micron
Nomical: 0.5 - 0.8 micron

Working Parameters
Temperature Range: 5°C - 30°C
pH Range: 5.5 - 9.5
Recommended Change Frequency: 6 Months
Capacity Before Change: 1,500 Litres / 400 US Gallons

Flow Rate
Litres per hour: 1.2 under gravity
US gallons per minute: 0.3 under gravity

Contaminant Removal

Tested to 1500L throughput (5ppm presence): Avg. 36%
Tested to 1000L throughput (5ppm presence): Avg. 46%

Lead reduction @ pH 6.5 (150ppm presence to NSF Standard 53): Avg. 99.5%

Avg. 97.2%


Pathogenic Organisms
Bacteria (E Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigena): 99.99%
Cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia): 99.99%

Candles are cleanable for prolonged life.

Silver-impregnated to prevent mitosis.

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Product Name British Berkefeld SS2 Ultra Fluoride Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System ¦ Complete System with 2 x Water Filters
Brand/Manufacturer British Berkefeld
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 3.500000
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