Shop Water Filter Cartridges by the Contaminants' Filtered.

This category easily allows you to find filter cartridges that will specifically deal with the contaminants you are looking to remove. Contaminants filtered include Fluoride, Bacteria, Chloramine, Heavy Metals, Limescale and more!

Remove Fluoride from drinking waterRemove Fluoride from drinking water

Fluoride Reduction Filter Cartridges

Water filters to remove BacteriaWater filters to remove Bacteria

Bacteria Rated Filter Cartridges

Reduce Chloramine in waterReduce Chloramine in water

Chloramine Reduction Filter Cartridges

Remove Heavy Metals in Drinking WaterRemove Heavy Metals in Drinking Water

Heavy Metal Reduction Filter Cartridges

Protect Limescale build up - water filtersProtect Limescale build up - water filters

Limescale Reduction Filter Cartridges

By Contaminants Filtered

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