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This category easily allows you to find filter cartridges that contain the media type that you require for your filtration needs! Cartridge types include Sediment, Carbon Block, Granular Activated Carbon, Catalytic Carbon, KDF, DI Resin, Salt-Free Water Softener Cartridges and more!

Spun PP Sediment Water Pre-FiltersSpun PP Sediment Water Pre-Filters

Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filters

Wound PP Sediment Water Pre-FilterWound PP Sediment Water Pre-Filter

Wound Sediment Filters

Pleated PP Sediment Water Pre-FiltersPleated PP Sediment Water Pre-Filters

Pleated Sediment Filters

Carbon Block Pre-FiltersCarbon Block Pre-Filters

Carbon Block Filters

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter CartridgeGranular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter Cartridge

Granular Activated Carbon Filters

GAC/ KDG Water Filter CartridgesGAC/ KDG Water Filter Cartridges

GAC / KDF Filters

Catalytic Carbon for Chloramine reductionCatalytic Carbon for Chloramine reduction

Catalytic Carbon Cartridges

DI ResinDI Resin

Deionising Resin Cartridges

Salt Free Water Softener Alternatives TACSalt Free Water Softener Alternatives TAC

Salt Free Water Softener Alternative Replacement Filters

Refillable Cartridges / Housings - For Water Filtration Media

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