Comparing Doulton and Berkey's, Gravity System Filters.

Simply put, a Gravity Fed Water Filter System is a container where tap or contaminated water is poured in and then fed through filters, by the force of gravity, into a bottom chamber that holds the purified water.

In order for this to function as expected, one requires Gravity System Water Filters. 

Comparison data presented here is sourced directly from Doulton and information found on the official Berkey website. We must point out that both manufacturers have used independent laboratories for the testing of their filters, however, the results of the testing carried out by Doulton (displayed below) shows their filtration efficiency after 3,030 Litres of water has passed through the filters whereas the numbers shown for Berkey filters are after a maximum of 4 Litres!



What is the difference between Doulton filters and Berkey black filters?

Doulton British Berkefeld Ceramic Filters

Berkey Black Filter Candles




Ultra Sterasyl Filters


Black Filters

Price £36.98 £155
Country of Manufacture



Filtration Rating

0.9µm (Absolute)

0.5 - 0.8µm (Nominal)


Berkey has decided that they will no longer publish a micron rating.

Change Frequency

6 Months*


Berkey claims there is "no time limit"



400 US Gallons


3,000 US Gallons

Pathogenic Organisms

% Bacteria Removal

% Cyst Removal







Contaminants Removed








90 - 98%³

Enhanced Organics Removal











75 - 99.8%⁴




Heavy Metals Removal


Other Heavy Metals






75 - 99.5%⁹


*British Berkefeld filters utilise carbon media which, after 6 months, can begin to harbour bacterial growth. The ceramic structure is silver-impregnated to help prevent this however we still recommend a change frequency of 6 months for health and safety purposes.

British Berkefeld Gravity Water System with 6 months supply of Doulton Ultra Sterasyl Water Filters. 

The Doulton SS2 Gravity Water Filter System is made from high-quality surgical grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. It is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. The systems come complete and ready to use, including 2 x Doulton Ultra Sterasyl 7 inch filtration elements (self-sterilizing ceramic candle elements) and a tap. 


  • Available in 3 storage capacities. 6L, 8.5L and 12L.
  • The Doulton SS is easy to use - the water you would like to filter is poured in the top chamber where the ceramic filters are installed.

  • Gravity pushes the water through the filters and pure water is stored in the bottom chamber.

  • If kept topped up, this system can filter approximately 40 litres (8.8 gallons) per 24 hrs with the 2 candles fitted.

  • Doulton Ceramic Filters have been manufactured in England since 1827.

Portable, Compact & Family friendly