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Domestic Reverse Osmosis

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Latest reviews for Domestic Reverse Osmosis


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Swan Neck Chrome RO & Water Filter Tap by Finerfilters

Good Quality

The item has only been fitted about an hour and appears to conform to the product advertised on line. The standard of quality is good and the the filter tap functions well.

Reverse Osmosis Additional Membrane Upgrade Kit

Brilliant Addition

Easy to plumb in, ( instructions could help!) halved the amount of waste water on 50gpd unit and halved the time to fill my storage tank for my discus aquarium. Well worth the extra cost saves time and money.

Pentek GAC 10" Drinking Water Filter

Pentek GAC 10 Water Filter

Excellent service. will buy from here again when needed.

Finerfilters Domestic 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit with Pump


Great 10/10.

Pentek CBC 10" 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Water Filter


Superb chlorine removal cartridge, and superb service from Finerfilters. Very happy customer

Finerfilters Domestic 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit with Pump

Good Value

I have bought one of these units for my daughter after i had seen the difference it made to the quality of my drinking water. My kettle internals has zero scales, the internals look like a new kettle. I could only imagine the gunk i was was drinking.

Swan Neck Chrome RO & Water Filter Tap by Finerfilters

Early Days, But It's Good So Far

It's only about a week since I installed this tap, so I can't say anything about how long it will last, but it was pretty easy to install. The only issue was that this tap is designed to connect to 1/4" plastic pipe, whereas the old tap that I was replacing uses 3/8" pipe. I therefore had to buy a 3/8 to 1/4 push fit adapter, and a short piece of 1/4 pipe, but this wasn't too difficult, and worked well. The tap works fine, does not drip or leak. The tap claims to have an aerator, which I expected would have meant that the stream of water had a lot of bubbles in it. It doesn't. and I can't see any sign of an aerator, so if this is important to you, I would avoid this. Also I would like to know the make and model of this tap, and exactly what type of ceramic tap unit it fits, so that I can replace it if it fails after some years. Also what type of O-ring it uses to prevent water coming out around the swivel. As far as I can see this information doesn't seem to be available. This is the only reason why I had to replace the old tap.

Finerfilters 1/4" Male x 1/4" Push Fit Straight Fittings x 2

Easy Peasy

I had a minor water leak after replacing the filter cartridge ,on one of the push fit connectors. I ordered a couple (they come in Two's) they arrived quickly by post and the leak was sorted in 10 minutes...Plus, I couldn't believe how inexpensive they were....

Doulton Supercarb Imperial Water Filter Open Both Ends 2.75" x 10" (W9222909)


Efficient service reminding when a new filter was due - saving me the of trying to remember when it was due.

Swan Neck Chrome RO & Water Filter Tap by Finerfilters

Better Quality Than On Website :)

After buying filter taps for 25 years this is the best 5* ever. Substantial, modern design & quality of metal. One month on we are so pleased we found this - it will be our next buy too! But looks like it will last longer than previous 4 or 5 combined. Design matches out sink swing-tap perfectly. Nothing negative about this at all.