Salt Free Water Softener Alternative

Finerfilters’ Salt Free Water Softener Alternative / Limescale Prevention Filter system uses an advanced filtration process known as Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) which prevents the formation of limescale by converting those pesky scale causing hardness minerals into inert microscopic crystals via a catalytic reaction in the water being treated.

These crystals once created travel through the plumbing system and appliances in colloidal suspension - they do not stick to surfaces, which prevents the formation of limescale deposits so they’re no longer able to bond and stick to your pipes or appliances.

This system requires no electricity, doesn’t waste water by back-washing or regeneration, uses no salt or other chemicals, requires virtually no maintenance (the filter media should be changed after 1 year in food service applications and every 2 years in domestic applications), retains healthy minerals and adds nothing to the drinking or wastewater.

The media we use has been tested by independent laboratories and researchers and has a proven 99.6% rate of effectiveness (the only non-salt technology to do so) and can even help to reverse some of the scale build-up which is already eating away at your existing systems such as heaters and boilers, allowing them to work more efficiently and use less energy meaning it can also help to reduce your electricity bills.

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