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Finerfilters 6 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)


Couldn't recommend this system and FinerFilters enough. Their customer support is wonderful, and the product is excellent and extremely well priced. I did a lot of research before ending up here with this product, but I'm very happy I did.

Domestic 4 Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)

Very Satisfied

Good price, fast delivery. Straightforward practical installation instructions. Even Includes all the bits and bobs needed to install. Now the ice maker in my freezer doesn’t smell! Thanks very much!

Finerfilters 5 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System with Diaphragm Booster Pump (50 GPD)


Great 10/10.

Finerfilters 6 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System with Diaphragm Booster Pump

Good Value

I have bought one of these units for my daughter after i had seen the difference it made to the quality of my drinking water. My kettle internals has zero scales, the internals look like a new kettle. I could only imagine the gunk i was was drinking.

Finerfilters Slim Design Inline Shower Filter in Chrome

Good Design

I bought this filter because of its slimline design. The outlet from my shower tap is quite close to the wall so chunkier filters would not fit. This filter fits perfectly, and despite it not being mentioned anywhere I also discovered that the inlet to the filter is angle adjustable which make it even more likely to fit. The threading on each end is a good fit, they screwed to the tap and hose snugly with no leakage even without using the teflon tape. The filter has not caused any loss of pressure. The water in my area is very hard, and with the filter it seems softer and soap foams better. I am pleased with this product.

Finerfilters 3 Stage Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Unit For Marine, Tropical and Discus Fish (50 GPD)


Great little filter. I purchased the 50 gallons per day unit, and with reasonable water pressure I am producing around 35-40 gallons or pure water per day. I have noticed an increase in production since the weather has warmed as our water is pretty cold in winter. I actually purchased my unit several months ago and am leaving this review as I am back for some replacement filters (which are also great value). Many thanks

3 Stage 10” HMA Heavy Metal Reduction, Pond Dechlorinator Water Filter System with 1/4" connections


Great quality, easy to assemble, good long term solution over other choices

British Berkefeld Stainless Steel SS2 Gravity Filter System (W9361151) Complete With 2 x 7" ATC Super Sterasyl (Heavy Metal Reduction) Water Filters

A Good Thing

Quality product! Makes a big difference to the taste of the water. Less chemical / chlorine taste and brings out the natural sweetness of the least where we are. Not exactly cheap but worth it to not have as much chlorine and/or lead and/or whatever else your local authorities decide to put in the water.

Finerfilters 5 Stage Domestic Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)

Great Water

Fitted my kit last week. Things to note:- Make sure you have a waste water trap with adequate space (1" ) above to fit the RO waste clamp . Had to change mine. Fitting the cold water supply, I replaced the push fitting with the spare olive and nut fitting. The instructions are adequate for the job. The system after priming gave me great quality water, all the family is happy with it.

Finerfilters 5 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System with Diaphragm Booster Pump (50 GPD)

Excellent Price, Bit Rough Around The Edges

I bought this as it's vastly cheaper than the iSpring alertnative. Shipping was quick and once installed it does exactly what it says on the tin. I think it would benefit from better instructions. The A4 page was a bit vague in places and left a certain amount to the imagination. A bit more explanation of how the device works would also make it easier to understand how it should be put together. The other than was the the water connector was a bit average. I believe the 10mm pipe is a US standard and trying to adapt it onto British plumbing is a bit of a challenge. The adapter supplied for 15mm pipe came in no fewer than four parts and try as I might, I couldn't get the thing together without it leaking. In the end, I purchased a 15mm > washing machine (which I think is a 1/2 bsp) from Screwfix and used the supplied washing machine adapter to make a water tight connection. Worked perfectly, first time.