Whole House Water Filter Systems.

Our pre-made whole house systems are designed to offer different options at different price points so you can find the right system for you! They are designed with both contaminant removal and sizing in mind. Systems include limescale inhibitors, bacteria and heavy metal removal and more!

Whole House Housings and Water Filter SystemsWhole House Housings and Water Filter Systems

Whole House Housings & Systems

Whole House Replacement Water FiltersWhole House Replacement Water Filters

Whole House Replacement Filters

A whole house filter has many advantages over a point of use system. Here are some examples:

  1. Installing and maintaining 1 filter system for the whole house is easier than overseeing multiple point of use filters. (undersink kit, shower filter, etc…)
  2. Multiple contaminants can be removed at once. Within one filter system, you can install a number of cartridges and each cartridge can remove more than one contaminant.
  3. You are free to pick what cartridges you want to insert into the system to cater for your specific contaminant removal needs.
  4. Remove and control limescale, without a softener. One of our filters (TAC) can prevent scale from forming in your pipework, kettles, showers and much more. It can also remove existing scale build up without adding sodium into the water. It has a lifespan of 2-3 years with no maintenance.

Flow Rates:

Your peak/required flow rate is usually the deciding factor on the sizing of the system – a choice between 10” jumbo (10” x 4.5”) or a 20” jumbo (20” x 4.5”). Choosing the right size housing is essential to be certain the system will be able to cope with the demand at the peak times of the day, such as; first thing in the morning whilst everyone is taking a shower, the last thing at night when the same thing applies. Peak flow rate times can vary anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Visit the next tab to learn how Cartridges affect flow rates.


Cartridges that you insert into the housings can also affect flow. The basic rule is essentially the lower the micron rating, the finer the particles it will be able to remove from the water but more restrictive the flow will be. If pressure could potentially be an issue, we’d recommend a higher micron rating in your whole house filter, then using a point of use system such as an Under Sink Kit or RO further down the line with a smaller micron rating to filter your water of more specific contaminants.


A whole house water filter system connects to the rising main where water enters the residence and provides filtered water throughout. Whole House Systems are for use with municipally treated/potable water only. Installation by a qualified plumber is advised.

Private Water Supply:

If your water supply is private, not from a water company, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements.

Whole House Systems

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