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CFL-670B Thermoshield Double Wall Latte Glasses / Coffee Glasses (Twin Pack) by FilterLogic

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FilterLogic CFL-670B Thermoshield Double Wall Latte Coffee Glasses (Twin Pack)

FilterLogic CFL-670B Thermoshield Double Wall Latte Coffee Glasses (Twin Pack) FilterLogic's handcrafted double-walled espresso glasses are made with high-quality borosilicate glass, giving them their characteristic lightness and thermal resistance.

The ThermoShield technology keeps your drink hotter for longer while the elegant handcrafted design ensures a beatiful looking glass of espresso.

These glasses are Dishwasher Safe.

Capacity: 400ml

Height: 150mm
Width: 75mm
Depth: 60mm

FilterLogic CFL-670B Thermoshield Double Wall Latte Coffee Glasses (Twin Pack)

With most automated machines the Latte has become somewhat of an art form - Most being able to produce multi-layered drinks using a combination of hot milk, coffee and frothed milk.
Using clear glassware for these is pretty much the norm these days, although most taller glasses, as they are not twin-wall, have poor heat retention and drinks often go cold within minutes.
This flattens the experience of the drink, taking something you make at home which 'looks' like the Barista experience but in practice fails to deliver.

FilterLogic Latte glasses offer the ideal solution, practical, stylish and functional - with a modern handle-free design, which is easy to grip and compliments the Cappuccino and Espresso models perfectly.

Quality and precise craftsmanship.

Every glass is hand blown and crafted by artisan workers, ensuring workmanship and quality that cannot be obtained with mass-manufacturing methods which allows you to notice and eliminate any scratches and imperfections before it reaches your home ensuring only the highest standard of glassware.

Whilst people will often invest heavily in coffee machines and the coffee they use, serving your creations can be equally as important in crafting the overall experience of the drink, and for the true 'barista-at-home' experience then it becomes an important consideration.

Two borosilicate glass walls create a streamlined and slim shape that fits in the hand, for an ergonomic and elegant glass of espresso.

ThermoShield technology in every home.

ThermoShield works a bit like a double-glazing windows, which keep the heat in and the cold out, not new technology at all but well tested and proven as a barrier to keep heat inside and the cold outside!

All FilterLogic coffee glasses are based around our unique Thermoshield Technology - Precision crafted double wall glass, designed to retain the heat of your drinks whilst keeping the exterior cool to the touch.
Borosilicate Glass also makes the glass resistant to thermal shock.

Dishwasher Safe.

All FilterLogic glasses can be washed in a dishwasher on a gentle cleaning setting. Glasses may be damaged if settings other than a gentle clean are used.

Quality Assured.

FilterLogic manufacture a wide range of coffee products and accessories, from water filtration to glassware to chemicals, designed in house by people who understand and care about coffee, with every product undergoing rigorous testing, trialling and development to ensure satisfaction.

More Information
Product Name CFL-670B Thermoshield Double Wall Latte Glasses / Coffee Glasses (Twin Pack) by FilterLogic
Model Number CFL-670B
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 0.540000
Height (mm) 150.000000
Width (mm) 75
Depth (mm) 60.000000
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