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FF-87 Compatible with 3M CS-52, 5586605, 640565 for Bosch, Siemens and Neff Fridge Water Filter

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Finerfilters produce these filters as an alternative to the original equipment manufacturer


This is an internal water filter for Bosch/Neff/Siemens Fridge Freezers.

Fits Siemens machines using an internal filter
Fits Bosch KAN58 models using an internal filter
Fits Neff K3990 models using an internal filter

Genuine and original 3M-CS-52 Cuno filter

Used as a Built-in filter for Fridge/Freezer chilled water
Will fit other brands but check your appliance details before ordering

This is compatible with the following part numbers

56932 640565 1257074 2168701 5586605
5586606 70020002518 55866-05 55866-06 AP3961137
B20CS5 B20CS8 CS450 CS-450 CS451
CS-451 CS452 CS-452 CS-51 EVOLFLTR10
3FA7786A/05 3FA7786A/06 3FA7786A/07 B20CS50SNB/01 B20CS50SNB/02
B20CS50SNI/01 B20CS50SNI/02 B20CS50SNS/01 B20CS50SNS/02 B20CS50SNW/01
B20CS50SNW/02 B20CS51SNB/01 B20CS51SNB/02 B20CS51SNI/01 B20CS51SNI/02
B20CS51SNS/01 B20CS51SNS/02 B20CS51SNW/01 B20CS51SNW/02 B20CS80SNB/01
B20CS80SNB/02 B20CS80SNS/01 B20CS80SNS/02 B20CS80SNW/01 B20CS80SNW/02
B20CS81SNB/01 B20CS81SNB/02 B20CS81SNS/01 B20CS81SNS/02 B20CS81SNW/01
B20CS81SNW/02 K3940X6/02 K3940X6/03 K3940X6GB/02 K3940X6GB/03
K3940X6GB/04 K3940X6GB/05 K3940X6GB/06 K3940X6GB/07 K3950X6GB/05
K3950X6GB/06 K3950X6GB/07 K3970X6/06 K3970X6/07 K3970X6/08
K3970X6NE/01 K3970X7/01 K3990X6/05 K3990X6/06 K3990X6/07
K3990X6GB/05 K3990X6GB/06 K3990X7/02 K3990X7/03 K3990X7/04
K3990X7KAN58A40-iGB/01 K3990X7GB/02 K3990X7GB/03 K3990X7GB/04 KA58NA10/08
KA58NA10/09 KA58NA10/10 KA58NA40/08 KA58NA40/09 KA58NA40/10
KA58NA40GB/08 KA58NA40GB/09 KA58NA40GB/10 KA58NA45/01 KA58NA45RU/01
KA58NA50GB/08 KA58NA50GB/09 KA58NA50GB/10 KA58NA70/09 KA58NA70/10
KA58NA70/11 KA58NA70NE/06 KA58NA70NE/07 KA58NA75/01 KA58NA75RU/01
KA58NP70/02 KA58NP70AU/06 KA58NP70AU/07 KA58NP70AU/08 KA58NP90/08
KA58NP90/09 KA58NP90/10 KA58NP90GB/08 KA58NP90GB/09 KA58NP95/02
KA58NP95/03 KA58NP95/04 KA60NA15NE/03 KA60NA15NE/04 KA60NA40/08
KA60NA40/09 KA60NA40/10 KA60NA40NE/05 KA60NA40NE/06 KAN58
KAN58A10-e KAN58A10-i KAN58A10/08 KAN58A10/09 KAN58A10/10
KAN58A40-e KAN58A40-i KAN58A40/08 KAN58A40/09 KAN58A40/10
KAN58A40AU/06 KAN58A40AU/07 KAN58A40AU/08 KAN58A40GB/06 KAN58A40GB/07
KAN58A40GB/08 KAN58A40GB/09 KAN58A40GB/10 KAN58A45/01 KAN58A45RU/01
KAN58A50-e KAN58A50-i KAN58A50/07 KAN58A50/08 KAN58A50/09
KAN58A50/10 KAN58A50AU/01 KAN58A50AU/02 KAN58A50GB/02 KAN58A50GB/08
KAN58A50GB/09 KAN58A50GB/10 KAN58A50NE/04 KAN58A50NE/05 KAN58A50NE/06
KAN58A55/01 KAN58A55GB/01 KAN58A55RU/01 KAN58A70-e KAN58A70-i
KAN58A70/09 KAN58A70/10 KAN58A70/11 KAN58A70AU/07 KAN58A70AU/08
KAN58A70NE/06 KAN58A70NE/07 KAN58A75/01 KAN58P90-e KAN58P90-i
KAN58P90/08 KAN58P90/09 KAN58P90/10 KAN58P95-e KAN58P95-i
KAN58P95/02 KAN58P95/03 KAN58P95/04 KAN58xxx-e KAN58xxx-i
KAN60A15NE/03 KAN60A15NE/04 KAN60A40-e KAN60A40-i KAN60A40/08
KAN60A40/09 KAN60A40/10 KAN60A40AU/01 KAN60A40AU/02 KAN60A40NE/05
KAN60A40RU/01 KANKB810/02 KANKB810/03 KANKB810/04 KANKB890/05
KANKB890/06 KANKB890/07 KANKB990/04 KANKB990/05 KANKB990/06
S20CS80SNS/01 S20CS81SNS/01 SOK250OG1N/04 SOK250OL1N/04 SOK250OR1N/04
SOK250OS1N/04 SOK250OY1N/04 KAN58A55GB
Bosch, Neff, Siemens
FINERFILTERS CS52 FRIDGE WATER FILTER BOSCH, NEFF, SIEMENS The FINERFILTERS CS52 Fridge Water Filter reduces the following health related contaminants: Chlorine Taste and Odour Sediment Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF-ANSI Standards 42 for the reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odour. As with all built-in refrigerator water filters, the CS52 Fridge Water Filter does not remove Fluoride. The filter produces great-tasting and healthier drinking water and ice-cubes. Important: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by the water filter device are not necessarily in your water. The CS52 Fridge Water Filter operating specifications are as follows: Flow Rate -1.9 lpm Operating Temperature -min 4.4deg;C - max 37.8deg;C Operating Pressure -min 172 kPa (25 psi) - max 862 kPa (125 psi) Capacity -5 678 litres Service Life -12 months Dimensions -approximately 5.5 cm x 22.5 cm Important: Do not install the water filter if the pressure is less than 172 kPa or greater than 862 kPa. If you are not sure what the water pressure is, contact an installation expert. Change filter every 6 months. Installation and replacement procedure for the CS52 Fridge Water Filter: Disconnect the refrigerator water supply and unplug the refrigerator. Press the knob at the top of the filter case and remove the cover from the compartment. Turn the filter 1-4 turn to the left (counter clockwise). Pull the filter straight out and discard. Remove the protective cap from the new water filter. Insert the new filter into the holder. Turn the filter 1-4 turn to the right (clockwise) to lock it into place. Replace the filter cover back into the compartment. Reconnect the refrigerator water supply and plug the refrigerator back in. Flush the new filter for 5 minutes to purge the system. Reset the change filter indicator light: Bosch - Siemens - Neff - Gaggenau fridges: Press and hold the Water Filter Reset button for 5 seconds. Newer models: Press the Options button until the filter change function is selected, and then press selection button + or - until the filter Change display goes out. When to change a filter: There is a replacement indicator message to change the filter cartridge on the digital panel. The water filter cartridge should be replaced when the filter change message appears, or every 6 months, or if you notice a decrease in flow of water. Important: It is essential that operation, maintenance and filter replacement be carried out in accordance with manufactures recommended procedures and guidelines for this product to perform as advertised. Failure to do so may void warranty.
More Information
Brand/Manufacturer Finerfilters
Compatible With (Fridge Filters) Bosch, Neff, Siemens
Filter Lifespan 6 Months
Rated Capacity 1325 Litres / 350 US Gallons
Product Name Finerfilters FF-87 Fridge Water Filter Compatible with 3M CS-52, 5586605, 640565 for Bosch, Siemens and Neff Fridges
Model Number FF-87
Contaminants Filtered Chloramine
Avg. Flow Rate 0.078m³/h = 1.3L p/m = 0.3 US gal p/m
Weight (kg) 0.297000
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