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Finerfilters Shower Filter in Chrome

Finerfilters Shower Filter in Chrome


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Finerfilters Shower Filter (White)

This shower filter is made of white, food grade plastic, designed to withstand high pressures and flow rates. The multi-stage filtration filter will provide a better showering experience for you and your family. Chlorine in the water can cause dry skin, skin irritation for people who have pre-existing skin conditions and an unpleasant smell.

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Main components: Carbon filtration, activated ceramic balls, calcium sulphite and KDF.

Carbon + KDF filter media: KDF removes up to 10x more chlorine than carbon alone. KDF also releases a powerful anti- bacterial which helps prevent bacterial build-up in the shower-head and reduces heavy metals/contaminants.

In/out: ½” male & female

Max temperature: 80°C / 120°F

Service life of cartridge: 12000 gal or 6 months

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