Domestic Undersink 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)

Domestic Undersink 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)

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Finerfilters Domestic Undersink 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System 50 GPD

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove the large majority (98%+) of contaminants from water. The reverse osmosis system works by pushing the water under pressure through a number of increasingly smaller filters and finally through a semi-permeable membrane, essentially trapping all contaminants.

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This system produces up to 190 litres per day of purified water and comes with:

- A 3 US gallon pressurised storage tank holding 6.5 litres of RO filtered water

- Installation Manual

- Chrome Faucet Tap

- All pipes, pre-filters, post filters, and fittings required for easy Installation

The membrane can last between 1 and 2 years dependent on water hardness. Filters to be replaced every six months.

Please note: The system requires a minimum of 45PSI (3 bar) to work. Reverse Osmosis Systems waste water to make water, and this should be done at a high pressure as the water is being forced through microscopic holes which catches contaminants. This is normal and the same with all RO systems as this is the way the membrane rejects the impure water, which goes to the drain, to produce the pure water. The system works optimally at 80-90PSI (5.5 – 6 bar), and to get to the quoted output, we’d recommend running the system on or around this pressure. This allows the system to reduce the waste water to pure water ratio and work quicker at producing pure water. As many people won’t have this mains pressure; pumped RO Systems or booster pumps can be purchased from us and added to the system which will increase the pressure output (minimum of 29PSI (2 bar) to operate booster pump).




4 Stage Domestic Unit

54cm x 40cm x 34cm



Product Detail


Finerfilters Domestic Undersink 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System (50 GPD)

The 4 stages of filtration are:

STAGE 1: A 5 Micron Sediment Filter made of 100% Pure Polypropylene Fibres. Removes Dirt, Sand and Rust.

STAGE 2: A Carbon Block Filter composed of high performance carbon. Removes Trihalomethanes, Pesticides, Volatile Organic Chemicals and 99.95% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts.

STAGE 3: A high rejection thin film composite 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane with the capacity to produce up to 190 litres of purified water per day. This membrane removes contaminants present in water including, up to 99% of dissolved Salts, Lead, Copper, Barium, Bacterial By-Products, Oestrogen and Silica.

STAGE 4: A Post Carbon Filter designed to improve taste.  It removes any residual impurities and odours from the tank and provides a finer conditioning of the purified water.


System Dimensions:

Length 41cm

Width 15cm

Height 44cm



Length/width 26cm

Height 34cm


Approximate percentage of containments removed by RO.

Aluminium          96 - 98

Lead                      95 - 98

Ammonium        80 - 90

Magnesium        93 - 98

Bacteria                99+

Manganese        96 - 98

Boron                    50 - 70

Mercury               94 - 98

Bromide               90 - 95

Nickel                    96 - 98

Cadmium             93 - 97

Nitrate                  97 - 99

Calcium                93 - 98

Phosphate          95 - 98

Chlorine               98+

Potassium           92 - 96

Chloride               92 - 95

Silica                      80 - 90

Chromate            85 - 95

Silicate                  92 - 95

Copper                 96 - 98

Silver                    93 - 96

Cyanide                85 - 95

Sodium                 92 - 98

Fluoride               95 - 98

Sulphate              96 - 98

Hardness             93 - 97

Thiosulphate      96 - 98

Iron                        96 - 98

Zinc                        96 - 98



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11 June 2019
Very satisfied
Good price, fast delivery. Straightforward practical installation instructions. Even Includes all the bits and bobs needed to install. Now the ice maker in my freezer doesn’t smell! Thanks very much!