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Luxury Hand-Held Shower Head Water Filter by Paragon - Reduces Chlorine, Heavy Metals & Limescale Build-Up

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The Paragon Luxury Hand-Held Shower Head Filter with Massage Function


Please note: This product is not suitable for an electric shower and will reduce the flow rate and pressure on your pressurized system.
All shower filters do this to some extent.
There is a slight compromise between flow rate and filtration.

The Paragon Shower Head with Built-In Water Filter utilises KDF55, a high purity copper-zinc alloy (water gold), & the patented Media 41.

The KDF Media is developed and produced by the famous American KDFFT company.
This product has been tested to and passed the certification of NSF Standard 53 for Health Effects & NSF Standard 42 for Drinking Water Treatment Units – Aesthetic Effects, WQA, etc. in the United States. It utilizes the redox reaction of copper and zinc in water to filter out residual chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, soften the water (reduces limescale build-up) and inhibits bacterial growth.

✓ Can help to soften hair and protect sensitive skin by filtering out harsh chemicals which cause irritation.

✓ Reduces chlorine, heavy metals & limescale in water.

✓ Massage function with 4 spray settings.

✓ Free hose and holder kit included.

✓ Super easy fitting, no tools or skills required!

✓ Great travel buddy!

Paragon Shower Head FilterThe Paragon HSF-1 is a replacement shower head built for hands on or hands-free showering. Made in a high-quality chrome finish and with multiple spray settings, this shower head is not only effective, but also stylish and looks amazing in your bathroom.

The patented Media 41 inside the filter cartridge works in combination with KDF55 Media.
Filters that utilise KDF alone will only last 5% as long as filters with KDF and Media 41.
KDF is a redox media, meaning it uses oxidation and reduction of ions.
The redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants.
This give and take of electrons converts many harmful contaminants into harmless components, such as chlorine to chloride.
Other contaminants, including heavy metals, bond to the KDF media, which greatly reduces or virtually eliminates these substances.

It has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove:
Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Iron, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Cadmium, Chromium and Selenium.

This shower filter drastically reduces (not 100% removes) chlorine, sediment and suspended solids (rust & silt), heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can reduce water hardness and hydrogen sulfate levels.
This all works to help restore the natural softness back into your skin, scalp and hair. Added bonuses such as a long-lasting filter and elimination of water odour and chlorine smells and taste, this is a must have edition to your bathroom!

The Paragon Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge

There is an easily changeable cartridge in the unit which lasts for 10,000 gallons and is normally replaced every 6-12 months depending upon your incoming water quality and usage rate.

A refreshing shower is something we all look forward to every day and sometimes more than once a day.
Now that you’ll be showering in filtered water, your shower experience will be even more enjoyable!

Here’s why:

  • Chlorine is an irritant.
    Residual Chlorine has strong oxidizing properties which can cause proteins to bond. The skin layer is oxidized and this makes skin rough, hair dry and impurities in the water can cause skin irritation and itching, worsening pre-existing skin conditions such as Psoriasis & Eczema.
    The filtered shower head reduces chlorine that may be present in your water.
  • Depending on your water source, there may be a sulphur-like odour in your shower water.
    The filtered shower head reduces this odour for a fresher shower.
  • Patented filter media used in the filtered shower head reduces the build-up of scale.*
  • The filtered shower head helps to prevent dry, itchy skin and scalp by reducing the impurities found in water. It also helps prevent chlorine damage to hair texture and helps colour-treated hair retain the colour longer
  • The shower filter has 4 spray settings so you can enjoy the shower of your choice. Clear, filtered water leaves you refreshed and cleaner than ever!

    4 Spray Settings.
  1. Full Body Spray for maximum water coverage
  2. Invigorating Pulse for an energizing muscle massage
  3. Full Body Spray/Rain Combo for ultimate relaxation
  4. Full Body Spray/Pulse Combo for all-over warmth with massage

The Luxury Hand-Held Shower Head Filter with Massage Function by Paragon

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces sediment and suspended solids (rust & silt), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, heavy metals, limescale and is bacteriostatic.
  • Eliminates water odour and chlorine taste.
  • Residual chlorine has strong oxidizing properties, which can cause proteins to bond, as a result, the skin layer is oxidized making skin rough, hair dry and impurities in the water can cause skin irritation and itching - this filter effectively reduces the levels of chlorine and other chemical contaminants in your water.
  • This product has been tested to and passed the certification of NSF Standard 53 for Health Effects & NSF Standard 42 for Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects, WQA, etc. in the United States


  • The Paragon Hand Held Shower Filter is extremely easy to install - no tools are required.
  • Simply remove your existing hand held shower head and replace it with the Paragon Hand Held Shower Filter.
    The shower head comes with a standard sized metal shower hose that you can use to easily replace your existing hose.
  • Comes with a universal shower mount, that attaches to a fixed water pipe in case you do not already have a shower hose attachment.
  • Comes with all required components for a simple installation.
  • Simply attach hand held shower filter onto the shower hose and tighten by hand turning clockwise.

Please note that the shower head will only function properly as long as the shower filter cartridge in place.

Replacing the Shower Filter Cartridge.

1. Hold the handle of the shower head firmly in one hand. With other hand, turn the ribbed ring behind the face counter-clockwise to unscrew.

2. Grasp white filter cartridge and pull cartridge up and to the side to remove.

3. Remove sticker from both sides of new cartridge before installing.

Place new filter cartridge into position by pushing cartridge down into cavity until seated.

4. Align threads until faceplate clicks into cavity, then turn entire faceplate clockwise until secure.

5. Check for leaks and tighten as needed. Flush the cartridge for 5 minutes to remove carbon fines.

Filter Cartridge Specifications

Paragon Replacement Filter Cartridge

Lifespan of Filter:
6 - 12 months, depending upon the incoming water quality and usage rates.

10,000 Gallons

Operating Temperature:
Min: 4°C / 39.2°F
Max: 80°C / 176°F

Operating Pressure:
Min: 20 psi / 1.4 BAR
Max: 80 psi / 5.5 BAR

More Information
Product Name Luxury Hand-Held Shower Head Water Filter by Paragon – Reduces Chlorine, Heavy Metals & Limescale Build-Up
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 0.960000
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