Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems, for the purest drinking water.

RO systems feature a number of stages, and choosing the right one depends on the space available, your water pressure and whether or not you want to add essential minerals back into the water.

  1. Four Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems - ideal if you have limited space under your sink and our least expensive RO system. Performs as well as larger systems, but only has two pre-filters with no pumped option.
  2. Five Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems - mid-range system offering pumped and unpumped options and an additional GAC carbon pre-filter which improves the dechlorination of water and better protects the RO membrane from chlorine damage.
  3. Six Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems - our best selling reverse osmosis system, with pumped and unpumped options - the extra stage is a remineralising filter, which puts back essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium which are taken out during the RO process.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems

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