Lab & Dental Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems.

Finerfiters dentistry reverse osmosis systems are the perfect alternative to distillers that dental practises commonly use for sterilisers and autoclave machines.
Our units produce medical grade, pure water. This is due to the ultra fine filtration provided by the reverse osmosis membrane and additional deionising stage which further purifies the input water allowing you to achieve 0 TDS.

Our units are fitted with a standing bracket for stability and storage, they're pre-installed with a booster pump to ensure the system always has the required input pressure and runs optimally, a pressure gauge to monitor incoming water pressure and an inline TDS meter to measure water quality on the input and output lines. This allows easy monitoring of changes in TDS so you know when to change the DI resin and ensure that pure water is being produced.

Lab & Dental Reverse Osmosis Systems

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