Finerfilters 6 Stage Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink System With Fluoride Removal (50 GPD)


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23 December 2019
Truly good product
I genuinely wasn't sure whether the FinerFilter product was any good on account of how cheap it is and whenever you look at reviews you never know whether they're genuine or not, especially the positive ones. Well I have researched extensively and I am not sure what other brands may offer as it was my first time purchasing a reverse osmosis filter but this has been brilliant. The water is truly purified and the coconut filter makes it taste great, much better than any bottled brand and my wife is really fussy about the taste of her water. I really don't see why anybody would spend money on an unreasonably expensive product when this performs so well. I have had it installed several months ago ( I think about 4 and it's still going strong. The replacements are reasonably priced. Plus, I have absolutely no plumbing or general DIY experience however after several failed attempts to book a plumber to do it I was able to get the job done by myself using the video that finerfilters has online. The video could use with an update as it explains fitting for a slightly different model and it can be confusing for the utter clueless like myself but it was sufficient for me to be able to install it. The only bit I need to mention is the tank that you buy with the reverse osmosis filter, despite being a 10l tank I can only get about 3 litres of pressure out of it before I have to wait for the pump ( I had to buy a pump because the water pressure in my house was below the minimum threshold for the Reverse Osmosis membrane to work) to kick in and restore the pressure necessary for the water to flow again at a decent rate. Perhaps I am doing something wrong and that may be the reason why this happens I have not yet tried to contact customer service regarding this matter so I can check whether this is how it is intended to work under these circumstances Regardless of that minor inconvenience which may be due to my inability to set it up properly, for the reasonable price it costs I highly recommend this product, that is why I took the time to review it about 6 months after I bought it and 4 months after I had it fitted.
19 November 2019
Couldn't recommend this system and FinerFilters enough. Their customer support is wonderful, and the product is excellent and extremely well priced. I did a lot of research before ending up here with this product, but I'm very happy I did.
3 July 2017
Excelent After sale Costumer Service
Hi I wanted to thank you for your service after sale. The return of my purchase and receiving my new order was very easy, and Shane in particular was supper helpful in getting the change over of returned item swift and hassle free. My experience with your company have taken away my fear of on line shopping. Thanks you Shane. Fibi Wimbledon.