Swift Green LT700P Fridge Water Filter for LG

Swift Green LT700P Fridge Water Filter for LG

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Swift Green LT700P Ice & Water Filter compatible with LG LT700P Fridge Freezer (also replaces ADQ36006101)
This Swift Green compatible will replace all original LG LT700P (a.k.a. ADQ36006101) filters used in side-by-side fridges and usually retailing for £45 in most on-line stores! 
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The Swift Green range uses high quality sintered block carbon, offering excellent filtration performances that is every bit as good as the manufacturer's original.
Fridge filter cartridges typically serve two primary functions - to improve the aesthetic properties of the water (i.e. taste and odour) by removing chlorine, chlorine by-products and dissolved organics.
They also serve an important secondary function by removing particulates, which can, on some side-by-side fridges, be problematic depending on your incoming water quality (many fridges use small solenoid valves for the water which can 'stick' when grit or dirt gets inside them and thereby causes the water dispenser to leak). 

At a third of the price of the original this compatible cartridge represents excellent value for money, offering LG customers a high quality, reliable and cost effective alternative to the manufacturer's original part.
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