Tulsion MB115 Mixed Bed DeIonising Resin / DI Resin - 165G

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Tulsion MB-115 is a high grade mixed bed resin that can deionise input water with high electrical conductivity (mS/cm) or Total Disolved Solids (tds) leaving you with purified water.

Tulsion MB-115 resin can be used in a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, pole-fed window cleaning, car valeting, reverse osmosis processes, electronics and many other applications where demineralised water is required.

For more information please see the attachments tab where there are technical specification sheets and MSDS (Safety Data) sheets available.

TULSION® MB-115 is a mixture of strongly acidic cation and anion exchange resin.

It combines TULSION® T-46 in Hydrogen form and strongly basic type I anion exchanger resin with TULSION® A-33 in Hydroxide form in 1:1.5 volume ratio quantities.

TULSION® MB-115 is designed for use in the final polishing for production of ultra pure water.

TULSION® MB-115 is the ideal choice for electronic industries, which manufacture semi conductors and television tubes, etc where ultra pure water is required.

This resin combines high capacity with excellent physical properties.

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Product Name Tulsion MB115 Mixed Bed DeIonising Resin / DI Resin - 250ml
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