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Where is my order?

The main service we use is Royal Mail 48. Please note this is an estimated time frame and can take up to 10 working days. (Royal Mail can and do have delays from time to time).

How do I find my invoice?

We recommend checking your email account or junk/spam folders. If this fails, please log into your Account dashboard, select My Orders, then select 'View Order', and here you will be able to view your invoice and Print it if so desired.

Why is my tracking number not working?

For small fittings and tubing, we use the Royal Mail Large Letter scan on delivery service, which is not tracked. For parcels, the item is likely waiting to be scanned and moved through the Royal Mail system.

Why does my filter fit, but no water passes through it?

During manufacturing, air can become trapped within the filter, stopping water from passing through it. Please submerge the filter in a cold water bucket and shake it. You should see air bubbles escaping from the filter. Please then reinstall the filter. This should fix the issue.

Why can I not mix Ultra Sterasyl and Ultra Fluoride filters in my gravity unit?

Water must pass through the filter, dripping into the bottom chamber. If you install an Ultra Sterasyl filter and an Ultra Fluoride filter, only one of the filters will reduce the Fluoride in the water, resulting in sub-optimal fluoride filtration.

Why is my Gravity unit giving a higher TDS reading than before the water was filtered?

Not all TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are bad and need removing from drinking water. Natural healthy minerals in water are dissolved solids. Doulton does not claim to reduce TDS because this is a general measure – they focus on removing badly dissolved solids. The ceramic used in all Doulton’s filter grades contain a mineral called Wollastonite which is slightly soluble and so dissolves very slightly when water passes through the ceramic and, in turn, increases the TDS.

What makes Pumped and Non-pumped reverse osmosis units different?

A non-pumped RO unit requires a minimum of 3 Bar pressure to work. A pumped unit requires a minimum pressure of 2 Bar, which will get you to the optimum pressure of around 5.5 Bar. Anything less than the recommended pressure will mean this unit will not work. You can obtain your water pressure by contacting your local water board.

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