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Newton Gravity-Powered Water Filter System with Fluoride Removal and Optional Limescale Reduction Cartridges

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Newton Gravity-Powered Water Filter System

  • 97% Fluoride Removal (optional)
  • Limescale Reduction (optional)
  • >98% Heavy Metal Removal
  • Stainless steel stand, and stainless steel tap (with sight glass) AS STANDARD.
  • Pure water on-demand.
  • No power supply is required.
  • No plumbing is required.
  • Available in 6L, 8.5L, &12L

Newton's Revolutionary Filters

Crafted with advanced technology, Newton gravity water filter cartridges combine a silver-impregnated, micro-porous, ceramic outer shell with a proprietary granular carbon core technology. This unique combination enables mechanical filtration and physical adsorption processes, effectively reducing a wide variety of contaminants that impact water quality and safety.

The Newton gravity cartridges have almost double the rated capacity (2,460L / 650 US Gallons) of like-for-like ceramic gravity water filter cartridges.

The Newton gravity cartridges will filter out;

  • >95% of Pharmaceutical Compounds (Acetaminophen, Progestorerone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium)
  • >97% of Fluoride (Fluoride & Fluoride Scale Candles)
  • >98% of Metals (Aluminium, Iron, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc, and Lead)
  • >98% of VOCs, THMs, Herbicides,
  • >99% of Chlorine, and Chloramines (unique to Newton)
  • 100% of suspended solids to (0.5µm), pathogenic bacteria, and protozoan cysts
  • As well as optional Limescale reduction (unique to Newton).

You and your family can rest assured that your water is free from the harmful additives being routinely added to it at source. Optional limescale reduction means the Newton Gravity-Powered Water Filter System represents a step up in class from other comparable systems, offering the highest filtration performance of any Gravity-Powered filter system.

It filters 100% of pathogenic bacteria and protozoan cysts from any water source, may that be the kitchen tap, rivers, lakes, or rainwater butts ensuring that in any #SHTF eventuality, you will have uninterrupted access to potable water. 

The Newton Gravity System would be perfect for use in motorhomes and caravans as well as a main focal point for your kitchen.

System Dimensions

1 Litre System

Height: 284 mm

Width: 100 mm

Depth: 100 mm

6 Litre System

Height: 510 mm

Width: 187 mm

Depth: 187 mm

8.5 Litre System

Height: 510 mm

Width: 217 mm

Depth: 217 mm

12 litre System

Height: 565 mm

Width: 240 mm

Depth: 240 mm

No Hidden Costs

The NEWTON gravity-powered filter systems come equipped with your first set of filters, an 8" stainless steel stand, and a stainless steel spigot with water-level sight glass AS STANDARD.

This is a notable upgrade from most basic gravity water filter systems that offer these as additional extras. Most other gravity stands are only 6" too, meaning that you can fit a pint-sized glass under ours without having to tip it or hang the system over your countertop!


At Newton, we recognised the immediate concern over single-use plastic waste. That is why we aimed to reduce as much plastic use in the construction of our system as possible.
You benefit by purchasing a system that is almost entirely stainless steel that you can be sure is sturdy, long-lasting, and won't leach any harmful BPAs into your purified water.

Furthermore, by eliminating the need for bottled water, the long service life guaranteed by its premium build and materials, plus the fact that it is powered by gravity alone, this filtration system is a truly eco-conscious solution to your water purification needs.

Compact and Portable

The two main body pieces of the Newton gravity filter system conveniently fit together, effectively halving its size, allowing you to much easier pack it away and carry it on any expedition you may be embarking upon, even if it's just down the road, so you can ensure that you have pure, and safe drinking water wherever you go!

No Power? No Problem!

The Newton does not require a power supply or to be plumbed into your water supply. Instead, it is a standalone unit that harnesses the power of gravity alone to pull unfiltered water through its filtration cartridges and deliver pure, great-tasting, potable H2O into the bottom chamber.

Reviews From Our Partners

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More Information
Brand/Manufacturer Newton
Contaminants Filtered Chloramine, Chlorine, Cysts (Giardia & Cryptosporidium), Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Iron & Manganese, Lead, Limescale, Microplastics, Nitrates, Pathogenic Bacteria, Pesticides & Herbicides, Polyfluoroalkyls (PFAs), Sediment, Turbidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Min. Working Temp. 5°C / 41°F
Max. Working Temp. 38°C / 100.4°F
Rated Capacity 2460 Litres / 650 US Gallons
Avg. Flow Rate 0.078m³/h = 1.3L p/m = 0.3 US gal p/m
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