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We accept the following payment methods for purchases made on our Site.

Active card types

  • VISA credit/debit (Any Country)
  • MasterCard credit/debit (Any Country)
  • Visa Electron (Any Country)
  • Union Pay (Any Country)
  • AliPay (China only)

If your card type is not shown above i.e. American Express (Amex) - we do not accept it/them. We must recommend you try one of our active card types or alternative payment methods.

Standalone payment methods


Active Alternative Payment Solutions with Adyen

  • APPLE PAY (Any Country) - Apple devices only and card type must be included in the above active card type list otherwise your order is likely to be rejected.

Payment by credit/debit card

If you pay by credit or debit card, you must supply your card details when you place your order.

When you place your order, we will contact your card issuer to request authorisation to the use of your card for payment of products. We will not accept your order (and so we will not supply the products to you) until your credit or debit card issuer has authorised the use of your card for payment of the products ordered. When your credit or debit card issuer authorises the use of your card, the necessary funds on your card are reserved until the purchase process is completed or cancelled. However, no amount is actually charged on your card until the purchase process is completed. Authorisations can remain pending 3 to 7 days even in case of cancelled orders. In such cases, no actual charges will be effected, and the funds will be eventually released. Please contact your credit/debit card issuer for more information on their specific policies regarding authorisations.

We take all reasonable care to make our site secure and to prevent frauds. All credit and debit card transactions on this site are processed either by Adyen N.V., secure online gateways which will be responsible for holding the automated handling of the information relating to your payment details in a secure environment.

Payment by PayPal

If you pay by PayPal you will be asked to log in to your PayPal account with your email address and password to confirm the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay with PayPal up to a maximum of 10 times and will be asked to enter personal data and credit card details. 

Payment by APMs (Alternative Payment Methods)

We usually collect payment for an order upon confirmation of the shipment of the relevant products. However, if you prefer and select one of our alternative payment methods (APMs) entailing an upfront collection of the payment, we will collect payment upon order confirmation.

In the exceptional case the products you ordered are not available, and you have already paid through an APM, you will be immediately notified and we will issue a full refund.

The APMs include:

          • AMAZON PAY
          • PAYPAL
          • APPLE PAY
          • GOOGLE PAY